Saturday, April 11, 2009

Miss Keri Baby

So I HAD to do another post about Keri Hilson!

She has evolved since I last blogged about her. Keri has developed SO MUCH as an artist. I had a chance to meet Keri while working at BET and she was very beautiful inside and out....awww I loved her from the moment we met and thats why I respect her as an artist.
Now maybe I am biased because I met her before actually listening to her album, but this album is great. Check the stats... #3 album in the R&B/Hip Hop charts and #4 (Turning me on Ft. Lil' Wayne) on the Mianstream Hip Hop/R&B Charts! I think she is a breath of fresh air to the industry. The game needed a new face and she is a refresher :)

Check this video blog out from Keri Hilson....straight from Hawaii.

Miss B~~

True Divas!


Entrepreneur's, trendsetters, role-models, and down-to-earth chicks, these sisters are the true meaning of diva! Working hard and under 25, they have set the bar high for other young people in the industry. Lets not forget they are the faces for Girl Scouts, giving back by inspiring girls to participate in Entrepreneurship and Financial Literacy programs!! Wow...these two got it going on!

The Simmons sisters are currently working with the Innovative Fashion Group (IFG) and The Betesh Group to expand the Pastry brand. The Innovative Fashion Group, a division of Adjmi Apparel Group, has partnered with Vanessa and Angela to bake up a delicious Pastry apparel collection. Go girls!! I'm not a fan of urban clothes but I am really excited to see what they have to offer :)

Bottom line these girls are FABULOUS!! Oh this picture was taken at LA Fashion Week. Cute pic ladies and keep up the good work!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


FIRST, we got President Barack Obama in the White House and NOW look....WEEZY ON THE COVER OF ROLLING STONE!!!! April 16th issue of Rolling Stone, Wayne discusses his new album--drops in May-- and the motivation behind it! Its Rolling Stone, Wayne is going ROCK people! LOL...Yes I can't wait to hear this! Now anything Wayne is on its an automatic hit...another million sold in a week? We'll see! Oh yea, I will be getting a copy...maybe two!

Sidebar: PLEASE examine how tatted up he is! WOW!

Wezzy Thanks his fans! LOL @ the Book Drive! Please comment! I need FEEDBACK!

Miss B~

Sunday, April 5, 2009



LOVE Nightclub is a HOT SPOT in D.C. If you didn't know NOW you know! FOUR levels, FOUR decks, 3 VIP Rooms and A PENTHOUSE! IT DONT GET NO BETTER THAN THIS!!!! Dress code is upscale and classy (only the best on black martini). Grown folk (21 and up) on Friday's and Young bucks (18 and up) on Saturday' cant beat that! This is a MUST-GO-TO spot if you are ever in town on business, visiting family, passing through, WHATEVER! You catch my drift? JUST GO!!!

Love Nightclub!~
VIDEO: CLICK ON christina Milian's Picture and look how this club actually gets down!