Thursday, July 30, 2009

LIL WAYNE:: Million Dollar Baby

Lil Wayne went IN on this track! Listen...

(click below for all yall slow folks!)

Anybody that knows me know that I am a HUGE Lil' Wayne fan...I been following him since forever~~~ Patiently waiting on his album to drop....

Miss B

M.J. Beautiful Chef and the King of Pop

Michael Jackson chef recalls doctor's role, final days

By LINDA DEUTSCH (AP) – 1 day ago (Associated Press)

LOS ANGELES — On the day Michael Jackson died, his personal chef says her first hint of something amiss was when his doctor didn't come downstairs to get the juices and granola he routinely brought the King of Pop for breakfast each morning.

Kai Chase, a professionally trained chef hired by Jackson to maintain a healthy food regimen, recalled the singer's final days in an interview with The Associated Press. She also spoke about the role of his personal physician, Dr. Conrad Murray, who is now the focus of a manslaughter investigation.

Chase said Tuesday that she had gotten used to seeing Murray coming and going from the mansion. The doctor usually arrived about 9 or 9:30 p.m. and would go upstairs to Jackson's room, and she said she would not see him again before she left — sometimes late in the evening — but understood he was staying the night.

In the morning, when she arrived for work, Chase said she would see the doctor coming down the steps carrying oxygen tanks. When Murray didn't come downstairs the morning of June 25, "I thought maybe Mr. Jackson is sleeping late," Chase said.

"I started preparing the lunch and then I looked at my cell phone and it was noon. About 12:05 or 12:10 Dr. Murray runs down the steps and screams, 'Go get Prince!' He's screaming very loud. I run into the den where the kids are playing. Prince (Jackson's oldest son) runs to meet Dr. Murray and from that point on you could feel the energy in the house change.

"I walked into the hall and I saw the children there. The daughter was crying. I saw paramedics running up the stairs."

At that point, Chase said, the small group that was gathered — the children, their nanny, a housekeeper and Chase — held hands and began to pray. As paramedics raced up to the room, Chase recalls, "We were all praying, 'Help Mr. Jackson be O.K.'

"Then everyone was very quiet."

At about 1:30 p.m. she said security guards told her and other staff to leave the property because "Mr. Jackson was being taken to the hospital."

When she came outside, she said, ambulances were in the courtyard and a crowd had gathered.
Chase, 37, who has cooked for other celebrities and comes from a show-business family, was hired by Jackson in March, let go in May, then returned on June 2. She said the pop star's focus was on fresh, healthy food for him and the children.

She said she prepared meals for the family and occasionally for Murray. She said Jackson was in training for his upcoming shows in London and told her: "You have to take care of me."
On most days, she said, Murray would bring Jackson the special fruit juice drinks Chase prepared for him, followed by granola with almond milk. For lunch, Jackson would eat with the children from a menu that included such things as spinach salad and chicken.

Murray sometimes joined them for dinner, which might be a seared ahi tuna. She said the doctor conferred with her about the 50-year-old pop singer's food and made sure that he ate.

The only oddity was the oxygen tanks. Chase said she never asked about the purpose of the oxygen and she saw no sign that Jackson was on drugs or was in failing health.

Miss B :( Beautiful isn't she?!!

The Beach on Governers Island

Janelle Mone' and Erykah Badu are performing on The Beach at Governers Island in New York on August 4, 2009. This performance is apart of Erykah's 4th World War tour. This is an exclusive show to where tickets are only $47.00. The concert will be held outdoors with a MARVELOUS view of lower Manhattan. At this performance you are no doubt getting the best of both worlds and an experience of a lifetime.

Janelle has an amazing and listen...eptiome of the word "refreshing"

For more information on ticket purchase: catid=10001&minorcatid=202

Chris Brown Redemption Mixtape

Writings On The Wall 4: Redemption mixtape has hit the streets. Chris Breezy continues to polish his craft as an artist despite the bad publicity. The mixtape includes artist Teyana Taylor, Maino, Mary J. Blidge, Pharrell, and more.
Go to this link to hear more on Writings on the Wall 4: Redemption

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

New Wale Ft. Gucci Mane

The track is called Pretty Girls (P.G. county ladies stand up)...pretty girl county

This song did something to me when I heard this song! Gucci killed it...
plus....I'm from P.G. County! Owww!~!!! :)

Miss B

Nicki Minaj added to Lil Wayne and Jezzy tour

"I'm focused on my money and getting it"- Nicki Minaj
Set to go on tour with Lil Wayne and Jeezy.... check out her interview

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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Jay-Z new track: RUN THIS TOWN!!!

New track by Jay-Z Featuring Rhianna and Kanye

Friday, July 24, 2009

DC Chilln: Introducing Baby Sharn!

Hailing from the gritty, poverty stricken streets of our nation’s capitol, 22 year old Quisharn “Baby Sharn” Hamilton brings more than just talent to the hip hop game; she brings authenticity. In the much too saturated industry of falsified one hit wonders and formulated, artificial “artists” with no proven talent, the music world screams for something innovative, something eccentric. Baby Sharn, holds the witty, savvy street smarts, along with experience, to become one of the most successful hip hop artists, changing the world of hip hop as we know it. Baby Sharn is best known for her versatility in every facet, from her unique style and originality to her lyrical content and rhyming abilities. Her charisma and appetite grows stronger when she is both on and off stage, captivating every audience, no matter the urge to resist.

Currently, Baby Sharn is in the studio perfecting her much anticipated mixtape entitled “Million Dollar Baby”, along with finishing her debut album while continuing to perform at various venues along the east coast. At such a young age Baby Sharn has already amassed an impressive résumé. Opening up for some of the biggest names in hip hop including the “Hate it or Love it Tour” featuring Game, Three 6 Mafia, and Lyfe Jennings. Also the Opening act for the “Be True Tour” which featured; Ludacris and Yung Joc. She also performed on the Cingular Wireless Tour featuring, Shareefa and Megan Rochell. Future endeavors for Baby Sharn include expanding her own independent label, 80s Baby Entertainment, LLC. 80s Baby Entertainment, LLC is a dream that became a reality when Baby Sharn and Ricky Oliver, Jr. together created an entertainment conglomerate that represents the next generation of world leaders.

I know Baby Sharn personally and she is a phenomenal and intelligent black woman!!! LOVE U SHARN! Shout out to 80s Baby Entertainment, LLC. Rick and Q!

Check her myspace out for some of her HOTTEST tracks:

Inquires on this artist please email for direct contact information... :)

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The Vixen Manuel " starring SUPERHEAD

Does she deserve this treatment?? U decide.
"Reporters interview Karrine Stephans a.k.a "Superhead", best selling author of tell all music industry book Diaries of a Video Vixen, and she gets offended. Where the reporters too hard on her or is this is what she deserves?"
The Vixen Manuel

Thursday, July 23, 2009


Is this the new thing? Solange

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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

TRUE LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Musiq Soulchild is one of my favorite artist! And this is one of my most favorite videos! This video is so inspiring to TRUE LOVE! Watch and Learn! <3

Miss B~~

Drake freestyle's of his BLACKBERRY

I love Drake and he kills his BLACKBERRY!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Chris Brown Public Apology

A Public Apology to Rhianna and his Fans.....hear him out folks.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Planet EVO

11 1/2 and an aspiring stylist.

Matt has a passion for clothes, sneakers, and the latest fashions. Even though he is young Matt take risks in what he wears. As a growing stylist he is continuing to evolve and is in the know of what kids his age should be rocking. Developing his craft Matt has made himself familiar with retail designers and the right fit for himself and others.

In efforts to introduce him as a young entrepreneur Matt will have featured fashion video posts on the Art Of Sound Management blog. Either he will be out and about discussing his findings on stylish amenities that may meet your needs or give you jpegs on his lastest research.

Beginning next week!!!!! This will be very exciting!!!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

SNEAKER PIMPS July 18th!!!!! DMV

SNEAKER PIMPS are coming to the DMV area!!! Come out and support DC's own Wale ft. UCB, J. Cole, Clipse performing live, and more!!!! I might have to make an appearance! Come through!

The VIP LOFT is where I'll be 21+....Saturday July 18th...Lets' GO!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Thank You!!!!!

I just want to thank EVERYONE for their continued support of Art of Sound Management!!!

Local artist send in your demos and bio to be featured on Art of Sound management!!! Love yall! <3stong>Re-Launching Party for composer producer Marcus Johnson and Bob Johnson (former owner of BET) Three Keys Recording Studio ( COMING SOON (Levar Arrington's own Sideline Bar and Grill...subject to change)!!!! To book studio time and quote studio rates email