Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Fans Commit Suicide over M.J.

Death is tragic but its not the end of the world...-E! Online

And the madness continues....A dozen fans commit suicide over Michael Jackson's death. Rev. Jesse Jackson speaks to his fans.

Joe Jackson? New Record Label?

Shamelessly spoken, Joe Jackson promotes his new record label.... somethings never change.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Nothing Even Matters

Where is she now?? I think it's about that time for a throwback folks! Lauryn Hill will forever be my girl!!!

Fugees ft. Lauryn Hill....Killing me Softly... :)

BET Awards

The BET Awards was extended a hour in honoring the legendary Michael Jackson! The show was hosted by the funny Jamie Foxx who lifted the mood celebrating the King of Pop who has truely inspired the UNIVERSE! With Joe Jackson present, he watched with composure as different artist performed and honored M.J. The most heartfelt moment of the show was when Janet Jackson arrived thanking everyone for their love and support on behalf of the Jackson family...

Debra Lee (owner of BET) said changes were made to the show immediately! Debra Lee, Steven Hill, and the whole BET staff... pat yourself on the back! You deserve recognition by the nation... we know you worked hard!

Beyonce World Tour/BET Best Female Artist

Beyonce' tour came to Washington, DC and I have to tell you BEY is a TRUE PERFORMER! She is definately giving Janet a run for her money! I am a Beyonce fan so maybe I am biased BUT even if you aren't a fan you would have to admit she did her thing! The BET Awards Beyonce sung Ava Maria---a song of her I AM Lp and KILLED IT!! She even ended it in Spanish!! Standing ovation from Miss B! Amazing....JUST Amazing Dah'Ling!
The picture above was from BET awards Best Female R&B artist....aired last night (June 28,2009)

Friday, June 26, 2009

A Legendary Soul


Yesterday evening I got a call that said "Michael Jackson is dead." In disbelief I turned on the radio (WPGC 95.5). Tigger was on the air and said that it was just in that M.J. was hospitalized due to cardiac arrest. Hoping that this was just a terrible rumor it wasn't. Within 24 hours Michael Jackson had 6 out of 10 of the top albums on iTunes and ALL of his albums were sold out in every music store. This sudden death has hit home to this nation. Michael Jackson has inspired millions of artist known and unknown! But something isn't adding up...

Michael Jackson....dead at 50.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

You're a "JERK" Movement

"You're a Jerk"--new track by the New Boyz....Legacy and Ben J. Not only is it a phrase of ridicule....Jerking is a new dance supposedly originated in L.A. Replicated by its familiar athleticism of bboying...except spinning which has been exchanged for footwork. If you ask me "Jerking" is like skipping backwards! Above, check out the official music video by the New Boyz...directed by Matthew Alonzo.

Below, get a closer look at the Jerk Movement.....Miss B~

R.Kelly Return

He's back yall!!!!! R.Kelly has done it again and hit the streets with his new mixtape The "Demo"... I happen to find R.Kelly on twitter (Kellzodiac) and apparently him and Keri Hilson (MissKeriBaby) have a track called, "Number One." Click play button below to hear...BEAUTY TO MY EARS!!! KEEELLLLZZZZ BACK IN THE BULDING!!!!

Thursday, June 18, 2009


Meet THEE ultimate PREMIER FASHIONISTO who breaths, eats, and sleeps the hunting depths of designing! Joel Long is on my top 3 "HUSTLE" list simply because he is hungry and PASSIONATE about his craft!! And what touched me more is that he is most inspired by his work and of course others!

"Yo world? Move over...I just stepped in and I'll need some room. No need to break your neck, look at the big screen in front of you. Arrogance is in the eye of beheld; take it or leave it.I am an innovative, bold, creative, fashion-driven individual. My first thoughts in the morning are "what the hell am I gonna wear today?" and "i need some new clothes!" I've been told that the sinews of fashion thrive within my DNA, placed there before I crash landed here. Fashion comes in ones life to either make or break them. It's like a parasite...it searches for worthy hosts to carry it to its next evolutionary level. It feeds on the artistic creativity of individuals who allow it in their lives and toys with their psyche. What you see on the runway, in the magazines, on the streets.....is a result of fashion and its evolution is inevitable. " -J. Long

BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY Joel will endure his moment of breakthrough as the TOP PERSONAL STYLIST momentarily!!! Stay tuned...

Check out Joel's blog http://fashionhasabrokenleg.blogspot.com/ and give him feedback. If you would like to book Joel contact artsofsound@aol.com for direct contact information.

I know him personally! HE'S AWESOME! :)

Miss B~

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Minnesota-based urban singer/songwriter & producer Chrishan made a name for himself in late 2007 with the smash single "2 Late 4 Us." Now 2009, Chrishan plans to put Minnesota music on the scene with his debut major label single "Trick Look At Me Now" featuring "Thicka Than A Snicka" rapper Meech.

Originally a Toledo, Ohio native, Christopher Dotson aka Chrishan grew up in an very musical family including "The Dotsons" an all-family singing group which bred soul singer and cousin Lyfe Jennings.

Shortly after moving to Minnesota at the age of 10, Chrishan began to pursue music heavily with the help of his father. His father, also passionate about music, crafted the r&b singer and eventually gave him a studio of his own.

Shortly after graduating the High School for Recording Arts in 2007, Chrishan began heavily pursuing his music career on his own, creating an internet buzz that rivaled even the most popular artists of today. With a marketing and promotional genius, Chrishan released his first independent single at age 17, selling over 15,000 units and catching the attention of many record label execs.

Now 19, Chrishan is one of the most popular artists on the internet, consistently featured on top blogs (including ART OF SOUND MANAGEMENT) and websites including Youtube.com and Imeem.com.

Special shoutout to Mr. Q. Deberry....he only finds HIT records....
Miss B~
Check out the song below "Trick look at me now ft. Lil wayne" Youtube version....kinda hot...what you think? Leave your thoughts folks!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


50 Cent releases War Angel LP for Free on Thisis50.com

50 cent new album War Angel LP will drop tonight (6/16/2009) but you can only download this bad boy online. He claims this is a real album NOT a mixtape!

"Creatively, this is not even a mixtape. That's why I put LP next to it. ... My core audience will understand it immediately, and it's written specifically for that."

Available at 11pm tonight on Thisis50.com!

Meet Electrick Red~~

Such a PHENOMENAL group of girls that came out of no where BLAZING!! Hot chicks and down to earth are what I find most attractive about these young ladies (no homo)!!! Electrick Red album has dropped already entitled "How to be a Lady Vol. 1" The ENTIRE album is SICK!!! These girls get 5 stars from Miss B!
So from left to right:: Lesley, Binkie, Sarah, and Naomi!!! Hot stuff people...COP THE ALBUM!!

Check out the link belw...track is called: I Got that Drink in my Cup!


Remy Ma blogs from Jail~~

I always find myself thinking about what I was doing a year ago, two years ago, five years ago today. I never remember exactly where till I find myself imagining where I would be today. I rarely listen to the radio because it’s sort of depressing. Not being able to record is stressful not because I’m a rapper but because that was my way of venting and expressing myself. So I write a lot! So much that now I have a callous on my finger from holding a pen. I guess I got used to texting my rhymes!

I get a lot of fan mail and everyone asks me how I’m doing? I say fine, the way I see it I never imagined making it this far with my sanity. Not being able to go somewhere when you want, see your family when you want (on many occasions when you need to), can't use the phone, take a shower, wear clothes, or even eat when you want - super aggravating. Whenever, which is almost everyday I get visits, a lot of kids ask for autographs. It’s something that I used to do almost everyday but now it actually feels weird, I really feel like an inmate.And as much as I hate to admit it, I really am an inmate. I mean, it kind of grows on you when certain people go out of there way to make you feel like that.

They have this program called YAP (Youth Assistance Program) they keep asking me to join. It’s a program that brings inner city kids to the prison to show them what it’s like to be incarcerated. I hear that every group asks about me but I’m a little hesitant to join. They think it will give the kids a reality check that this can happen to anyone. I however feel that it’ll be more of the kids wanting to see Remy Ma the rapper and because of that they won't get that I'm actually in jail. So I'm still contemplating. If I figure out a way for them to actually get it, that this is really not a place you would ever want to be whether for 8 years, 8 months, or 8 minutes then I’ll do it.

Everyone in prison isn't innocent but everyone in prison isn't guilty. So whether you end up here on purpose or by accident, the pain you’re feeling is still the same. And I can quote a lot "gangsters” by saying that “I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy…”

Forever Innocent,

Sunday, June 7, 2009


Omarion released from Sony.....signed to Cash Money!!!!! OH! I can't wait until the album drops!!! In the video below he is at a radio interview and he discusses who dances better between Chris Brown, Neyo, and himself. How he worked with Timbaland made an ENTIRE album and didn't work....Omarion also addresses rumors with marrying a stripper from Magic City, reuniting with B2k, and taking up Pretty Ricky's Challenge....CHECK IT OUT!!! LOL

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Miss B

Death of Autotune (D.O.A)

Is music on it's way to the GREAT DEPRESSION???

Jay-Z's return....or has he ever left??? This track is SICK! Just listen....let me know what you think!

I think it's atsounding!
Miss B~


I think I am excited! =) Swizz Beatz (The Real Swizzz) announced on Twitter the return of Ruff Ryders! "THE RUFF RYDER MOVEMENT IS GOING TO COME BACK AND BRING THE PAIN BACK TO MUSIC TRUST ME AND FYI THE DOG IS BACK !!> http://bbltwt.com/4da6y

Not too long ago DMX was talking about being a PASTOR! IDK...we will have to see this one! Anyway, click on the link to see Swizz Beatz rocking to X....

Miss B~

WALE be Chillin!!!!

Indeed I am from PG County..(Washington, DC Metro Area) so I have to look out for the artist straight out of DC! Wale isn't mainstream quite yet but after this hit single "Chillin" featuring Lady Gaga he could possibly be making his way to performing on the BET Hip Hop Awards later this year! After his performance at the 9:30 Club in DC onlookers were quite impressed with Wale and his DC homie Tabi Bonney who "rocked the joint!" LOL...check out the video! And if you ever come to DC you have to stop at Ben's Chilli Bowl (which you will see in the video)...Classic! Keep rocking Wale...DC behind you 100%!!!

Miss B~~

BEE IS BACK! (Again)

Beyonce does it again with her "Trio-Squad" EGO Video!!!! Watch and don't hesitate to leave comments!!
Miss B