Tuesday, March 31, 2009


YO! Everyone has to check out this FAB website! Stay connected with your people in your social network or even your favorite celebrities!!!! Ask them anything you want and tell the world what you are up to!! Its a really really fun website that I HIGHLY RECOMMEND to everybody....WARNING: Once you get on it the first two times...you will become ADDICTED! In my opinion its better than Facebook and MySpace...right better than those too..u would've never guess!!! CHECK IT OUT!!! Sign up for free at http://www.twitter.com/ and Follow ME www.twitter.com/Socialladybug

P.S. I am addicted because I update through my cell phone...ughh! Phone goes dead extra quick! Anyway, stay tuned to the next blog entry...I have a nice spot I want to share with you all!


  1. Dope blog.

    I considered Twitter but I dunno...everyone says I should though

    Anyway, I like your spot...I'll be back


  2. Video blog....lol, "i am u and u are me"...wat...u better be following me!


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