Thursday, June 18, 2009


Meet THEE ultimate PREMIER FASHIONISTO who breaths, eats, and sleeps the hunting depths of designing! Joel Long is on my top 3 "HUSTLE" list simply because he is hungry and PASSIONATE about his craft!! And what touched me more is that he is most inspired by his work and of course others!

"Yo world? Move over...I just stepped in and I'll need some room. No need to break your neck, look at the big screen in front of you. Arrogance is in the eye of beheld; take it or leave it.I am an innovative, bold, creative, fashion-driven individual. My first thoughts in the morning are "what the hell am I gonna wear today?" and "i need some new clothes!" I've been told that the sinews of fashion thrive within my DNA, placed there before I crash landed here. Fashion comes in ones life to either make or break them. It's like a searches for worthy hosts to carry it to its next evolutionary level. It feeds on the artistic creativity of individuals who allow it in their lives and toys with their psyche. What you see on the runway, in the magazines, on the a result of fashion and its evolution is inevitable. " -J. Long

BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY Joel will endure his moment of breakthrough as the TOP PERSONAL STYLIST momentarily!!! Stay tuned...

Check out Joel's blog and give him feedback. If you would like to book Joel contact for direct contact information.

I know him personally! HE'S AWESOME! :)

Miss B~

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