Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Teyana Taylor

I know! I know! This chick is MAJOR DOPE though! How come no one told me about her?? I lived in Harlem for practically 5 months and didnt hear a thing!

Talented she is! Teyana Taylor..."Harlems Heiress" as I would like call her, has been that feminie voice for Harlem since she first got on the scene. Signed to Star Trak Entertainment Teyana has only released one single..."Google Me."
The single is cool BUT I am trying to figure out why her album didn't drop yet! Listened to her mixtape.....DOPE! She is a very versatile artist and has a unique style....a style that every artist try to find to set them apart from the next. If you ever get a chance check her out!

Star Trak Presents......A Planet Called Harlem


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