Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Barack Obama Guest Commencement Speaker University Notre Dame

To the graduating class at Notre Dame :" You are a generation that must find a path back to prosperity and decide how we respond to a global economy that left millions behind even before this crisis hit an economy where greed and short-term thinking were too often rewarded at the expense of fairness, and diligence, and an honest day's work."

Obama's invitation to the University of Notre Dame as a guest speaker was a HUGE controversy. Attending a catholic university whom religion condems abortion, Obama was angrily discussed by many protestors by supporting abortion rights. To my surprise, Obama was welcomed with a standing ovation by 12,000 people and many protestors who were in attendence( which a few in the crowd was escorted out of the complex.) Despite Obama support, he managed to capture the attention of all Americans and asked for "Open hearts" and "Open Minds."

This debate will last a LIFETIME!!! Meanwhile, GO NOTRE DAME!!!!

Miss B~~ :)

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