Thursday, May 14, 2009

June Ambrose!

Pic is from June twitter pics!!!

JUNE AMBROSE has to be discussed because she is really a BIG DEAL! Who wouldn't want to be June Ambrose personal assistant??? I would DIE (and come back to life) to work for her! As she walks the runways of New York City streets June Ambrose keeps her twitter update up-to-date as she comes across the most fashionable pieces-- i.e. clothes, pumps, daily fashion inspirations, whatever!~! What is so halarious is that June goes into what she calls "spiral" (a word that I believe means GO CRAZY 'context clues') and shows pics of random people who has totally destroyed their outfits!!! HA!

If you do not KNOW June (go kill yourself)....In some way, shape or form, June is enhancing the style and fashion sensibilities of others - even in a recession!! This PASSIONATE stylist list of clients range from designing custom outfits for Diddy and Busta Rhymes to creating art ensembles for Macy Gray and Mariah Carey. (shhh! if you follow her on twitter you can see how she has is currently styling for Chrisette Michelle). Let's not get it twisted her client list is beyond 5 people but what's crazy is that she still finds the time to workout!!!

I am going to end this post with her Stiletto Workout! Another motivation piece! Keep it Sexy Ladies! With Love, Miss B~
"In New York, our sidewalks are our runways—we define ourselves through fashion.”--June Ambrose

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  1. I swear I was in pain for about 3 days!!! Ugh!


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