Sunday, May 17, 2009


Has anyone went to the career website for Metro??
I was surfing the net (not in search for a career in Metro) trying to find directions on the metro rail when I stumbled upon this notification: "Job Vacancy Postings Suspended
Due to current budgetary constraints a number of our jobs have been placed on hold. For the current listing of positions as they become available please click the "Metro Careers Center" link under the "Metro Jobs" tab. We appreciate your patience and consideration during this time. Thank you for looking to Metro as your employer of choice

Everyone who is from DC (or frequently visits) knows that DC Metro (bus and rail) are always hiring and in need of employees. This is a shocker! The United States economy is a disaster!
Obama I am praying for you and this nation's recovery! :(

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  1. a lot of places here have been on that hiring freeze...even cms [the school system]...times are hard and i really hope things pick up for this country real soon


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