Saturday, October 3, 2009

Kai Milla

Guess who I met???.....KAI MILLA!!!
I know this post has nothing to do with music (well its Stevie Wonders wife so I guess it kinda is) but ANYWAY I just have to tell you about this BEAUTIFUL woman!!!
Since I have graduated college I have been trying to find a church home and for the past 3 weeks I been attending this WONDERFUL church, The First Baptist Church of Glenarden. The church is awesome....pretty HUGE...but awesome! So last week I registered for the Woman's Conference 2009...Yayyy!!!

The conference was just AMAZING today! My favorite moments were the domestic abuse women overcoming there battles, Y'Anna Crawley (Sunday's Best winner on BET), and Kai Milla (designer and wife of the legendary Stevie Wonder). The conference was great as a whole....however I knew that after Kai Milla spoke that my mission for this conference was to speak to her.

During break beween sessions I jetted right to her vendor that she had set up. She had ropes that blocked her, bodyguard beside the table and who do I see? This FABULOUS chick name Tia I met two weeks ago at my girls Fight Party (Mayweather)...we hugged...had a quick chat, then I got back to my mission....Kai Milla was Tia's auntie! SMALL WORLD!!

To make a long 20 minute conversation short...write down all the things that you want to make happen and accomplish then once you do it....scratch it off your list. Be visual...and have faith!

Her website is:
Here is a dress worn from her line by the first lady Mrs. Michelle Obama!

Miss B

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