Thursday, January 8, 2009



You may have heard her featured on the newly Kanye West produced track: Jay-z featuring Santagold
"Brooklyn We Go Hard." Word on the street is that this will be the first released single from the Notorious Soundtrack. SANTAGOLD is the NEXT BEST THING! If you haven't the heard of her the time is now to get up on her music. Although, I can't figure her out! Coming from Philly, her music is a complex mixture of indie rock with electro, reggae, with a touch of go-go and the backbone of her music, her band Stiff. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE HER!!! Don't worry! More info about Santagold will be posted soon! Just by her playlist she is VERY TALENTED! So very talented that "Brooklyn We Go Hard" track gave me the chill bumps the first time I heard it and I'm not even from Brooklyn!!!!! Please check out this track on her myspace page and give me feedback. are A-MAZE-ZING! hehe.....Santagold album drops in April 2009 :)

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  1. had that same feeling when i heard it...made me want to home...and it brings back all the memories made that song...


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