Friday, January 16, 2009

So So Phatfffatt!

I would like to re-introduce Ms. Dondria Nicole!!!!

Newly added to the So So Def/Island Urban, Dondria Nicole a.k.a. Phatfffatt (youtube username) has an UNBELIEVABLE voice. Discovered online by Jermaine Dupri, Dondria not only resung plenty of songs by your favorite artists, she has been posting a video diary kinda like her "journey to stardom." Remaining humble, I think she is an underated new artist but maybe thats because the competition is tough, however, I think she would kill anything in her way. Dondria Nicole's myspace page is just like anyother person's page, nothing different, just an invisible contract that says she is signed to So So Def. As I said before being HUMBLE= SUCCESS....she will be successful. And she LOVES HER FANS.........FOR REAL!!

From her ABOUT ME on myspace: "I'm a Capricorn who loves music like a fat kid loves cake!!!! It is my heart and soul! I'm crazy, i love to eat, hence the name (Phatfffat)...I just got blessed with the opportunity to sign under Jermaine Dupri and SoSoDef... and it's all thanks to my wonderful fans...I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!"

Cool Chick! I would love to hear more from you! This video is SICK! Phatfffatt KILLS "Energy by Keri Hilson"...lovely voice:

Miss B

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